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My name is Dorrie Ratzlaff. I am an artist who creates comics, cartoons, illustrations and abstract paintings and designs. I believe that creative change is not only good, but worth seeking out and applying in my business pursuits. I have worked over a number of years to develop my form of artistic expression and have built a small but consistent clientele. My customers are from publishing, media, theatre, writing, interior design and architecture. I also sell my work to art dealers and private collectors. I have exhibited my art over the past twenty years in venues up and down the eastern side of the Pacific Rim, from B. C., to the U.S.A., to Mexico City. My long term goal is to produce a graphic novel, which is, by definition, a stand-alone story in comics form, published as a book. I look forward to the development of new markets for my paintings, illustrations, cartoons and designs.


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